Guilt, Fear, Shame and Fear of Rejection drive our money decisions!

When you’re making a money decision, do you tense up? Do you worry about money? Does it feel like you have no control? Are you angry about your current financial situation? It turns out, that you’re not alone. Millions of Americans struggle with money and have no idea why they do, or how they can improve their current financial situation.

It all stems from your programming and belief’s about money. Much of our lives are the results of what our parents gave us when we were very young. As we get older, we start our own money habits and treat money the way we saw our parents treat money when we were little. That programming creates very predictable money habits.

Guilt, Fear, Shame and Fear of Rejection are the emotional drivers That create the symptoms we see in our money situations.

They create smaller margins in our cash flow, earning less income for the same employment or taking jobs that earn less money than what we are capable of earning, being taken advantage of in our money, or making purchases we can’t afford in order to make us feel better.

If you’re sick and tired of the struggle, I’ve got the solution.

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